Connecting Community Through Urban Renewal

Boise’s Newly Proposed

State Street District

The proposed State Street District holds the potential to be a catalyst in redeveloping State Street from a traffic-dominated, concrete corridor into a series of walkable activity centers that mingle housing and neighborhood business. It is a prime candidate for high-quality transit service providing stops in the many activity centers stretching between Eagle and Downtown Boise. The proposed district’s projects could include utility upgrades, parks, pathways and public art — all upgrades that can enhance the economic opportunities for businesses and residents along State Street.

The City of Boise determined the study area eligible for urban renewal assistance and directed Capital City Development Corporation, Boise’s redevelopment agency, to proceed with the studies and public engagement needed to determine whether a State Street District should be formed — a process authorized by Resolution 228-19 on June 4, 2019.

State Street Map

What is Urban Renewal?

The process where a previously developed area is improved and rehabilitated into a active mixed-use neighborhood.

Establishing a District

A State Street Urban Renewal District has the potential to revitalize the corridor.

Be Part of the Process

Establishing a District is a multi-step public process that relies on input and feedback from the general public, key stakeholders, consultants, and agency partners.

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