District Formation Process

Establishing the proposed State Street District is a multi-step public process that relies on input and feedback from the general public, neighborhood associations and residents, commercial property owners and tenants, experts, consultants, and public agency partners.

There are numerous opportunities and methods to get involved through online workshops and comments, public meetings, or staying current via email updates—sign up here. More information about these opportunities—such as dates, links and locations—will be posted as they become available in the coming weeks.


June – November 2020

Planning Context & Assessment
Open House #1

December 2020 – March 2021

Gap Analysis & District Goals
Open House #2

March – May 2021

Framework & Public Improvements

May - July 2021

Finalize Framework & Urban Renewal Plan
Open House #3

August - October 2021

Plan Adoption


Planning Context Assessment
Fall 2020 Virtual Open House Survey Results Overview
Fall 2020 Virtual Open House Open-Ended Responses

Spring 2021 Virtual Open House Survey Results Overview
Spring 2021 Virtual Open House Survey Results Overview
State Street TOD Concepts
June 22 Framework Plan Forum Summary
June 22 Framework Plan Virtual Forum Presentation


Adoption Schedule

  • August 9: CCDC Board consideration of State Street UR Plan
  • September 13: Planning & Zoning meeting to review State Street UR Plan conformity with Blueprint Boise
  • October 12: City Council Public Hearing to consider State Street UR Plan, 1st reading of ordinance
  • October 19: 2nd reading of ordinance
  • October 26: 3rd reading of ordinance/adoption (noon meeting)
  • Following adoption, ordinance summary will be published; ordinance, map and legal will be recorded and post-adoption transmittals to the state tax commission and affected taxing districts will occur.